Acknowledging the True Value of Forests at Our High-Level Forum

The high-level forum will focus on the True Value of Forests, particularly from a social angle, and how FSC can help societies appreciate all the benefits they derive from forests.

It may seem obvious that the value of forests goes far beyond forest-based products. For example, forests also have an environmental value (think of all the plants and animals that live there), social value (many people live in or obtain resources from forests), cultural value, and spiritual value (forests are worshipped in many religions and cultures, such as Hinduism and First Nations’ spirituality).

Yet it appears that the benefits derived from responsible management of forests are now less valued than the short-term gains coming from their destruction.

The high-level forum will explore how FSC can contribute as a certification scheme for responsible forest management to make society aware of what is at stake if we do not manage forests responsibly and with a long-term plan. It will also show how FSC can become a crucial factor in safeguarding forests for future generations.

The speakers

Sadanandan Nambiar was Chief Research Scientist and Science Director of the former CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Forestry and Forest Products. He is now a Honorary Fellow in the Forest Ecosystem Science Group, Canberra.

He is also currently a Director of the Board of APFNet (Beijing). And is engaged in linking forestry for rural development and poverty alleviation in South-East Asia.

Peter Lantin is President of the Haida Nation. The Council of the Haida Nation is the political body of the Haida Nation. As the primary spokesperson of the Haida Nation, he is responsible for fulfilling the Council of the Haida Nation’s mandate, which is to “strive for full independence, sovereignty and self-sufficiency of the Haida Nation”.

Per-Olof Sjöö is the President of the Global Union Federation, Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI), and is also the President of the Swedish Union of Forestry, Wood and Graphical Workers (GS-Facket). Per-Olof has extensive knowledge of the wood and forestry sectors, and has worked on workers’ rights, sustainability, climate change, and labour standards.

How to attend the high-level forum

Anyone can join the high-level forum on Monday, 9 October from 2:30 to 4 p.m. – within the limits of available seating.

Click here to learn more about the high-level forum. You can also view the entire programme of the FSC General Assembly 2017 through this link.