FSC 2.0 Must happen

FSC must not be left behind and needs to digitize as soon as it can. This was the message from the delegates who attended the discussion on how to transition FSC from a paper based system and go digital.

Speaking at session FSC Managing Director Kim Carstensen said the organisation was looking at digitising the FSC system and are looking present the plans to the members for inputs and engagements.

The case studies

The session was opened by members who have already digitised their systems to meet their consumer needs.

Richard Donovan from Rainforest Alliance’s said it was important to have a working digital system that was also able to function with manual systems and cater for all consumers.

“At Rainforest Alliance we have a number of digital systems that we have been using for a number of years including transaction verification and more recently they have added chain of custody. You must make sure that all the systems talk to each other. I think that is where the block chain technology comes in. The best systems must be able to pull data, share it and track assets but also work both ways in the digital space and in the real world” he added

The FSC 2.0 session focused on both the advantages and disadvantages of moving to digital. Presenting the case study for digitisation Mr Jamie Lawrence from Kingfisher plc an international home improvement company with stores in 10 countries across Europe, said that more consumers are operating in a digital space and his company also took the step few years ago to create a digital platform which is outperforming the physical stores.

“It is critical for FSC not to fall behind, we are operating in a space of millennials who want to consume information at a faster speed and it is important for FSC to be an organisation that communicates impact and is able to respond to the consumers quickly” said Jamie.

FSC way

Michael Marus, IT Director at FSC said the organisation was looking at strengthening and standardising its digital systems and focus on adding value for members through an operational excellent digital system.

“We are looking at implementing a data driven system, where risk is used to simplify and streamline our standards and practices inclusive of the views from our membership. I am mostly looking forward to hearing about your views about the use of cloud technology and the fears around it” said Micheal.

Loa Daalgard Worm for FSC Denmark said the organisation needed a system that will be able to provide a single sign in, transaction matching, digital tracking, COC/FM digital audits, upgrades to FSC database, simplified COC for end of supply chain.

“We have been working on the FSC 2.0 strategy for some time making sure that we look at all the risk tools. We need digital tools that are easy to use will be able to manage COC and centralise the complaints as well” she added.