Latest Update on IFLs

At this year’s GA, IFLs will again take centre stage with six motions on the table that have been submitted by the economic, social and environmental chambers.

Since the passing of Motion 65 at the General Assembly in Seville in 2014, FSC has been working hard to address the challenges it presented to its normative framework through a technical working group that presented a draft version of International Generic Indicators.

The IGIs were developed in consensus by the High Conservation Value Working Group and recommended in consensus by the Policy and Standards Committee for board approval.

The board did not reach consensus, because a number of board members wanted to give the members the chance to discuss and decide on a range of IFL issues, as put forward in the proposed motions, before finally approving new normative rules for IFLs.

Once approved, these IGIs will provide a starting point for standard developers to create national indicators for their National Forest Stewardship Standards and Interim National Standards. They can already now be used by standard developers as guidance.

The draft version of International Generic Indicators is available here. A Q&A explaining the process is also available here.