Planning Your Schedule for the General Assembly? Have a Look at the Programme

The programme is available on the FSC General Assembly 2017 website. It covers the whole week of the event:

  • Sunday 8 October: The general assembly officially starts with two half-day meetings, one on FSC governance and one on our goal of FSC 20 per cent by 2020 (and our aims to reach this milestone);
  • Monday 9 – Wednesday 11 October: Over 40 side meetings have been organized during the following days. Most of the side events already have a summary: click on the titles of the side events to find more details.
    Soon we will upload the remaining summaries and the profiles of the speakers.
  • Thursday 12 – Friday 13 October: Finally, members will debate and vote on the submitted motions.

By the end of the week, new motions will be passed that could fundamentally change the way FSC is run.