The 8th FSC General Assembly 2017 logo is distinctly Canadian!

The logo for the FSC General Assembly 2017 has now been unveiled. It combines the origami form of the maple tree leaf and its natural texture for the filling.

The maple leaf is Canada’s most recognized symbol worldwide, a perfect way to represent the country where the general assembly will be held. The use of the maple leaf makes it easy to identify the country of the FSC General Assembly 2017 and its nature and tradition.

Tradition is also reflected in the origami form, an art that has been around for centuries and that can also be associated with innovation through the multiple models it creates. That mix of tradition and innovation represents our organization evolving and embracing its future.

Since 2005, each FSC general assembly has had its own logo. The aim is to ensure our members can easily identify all information related to the event. The logo also exists in the three colours representing each membership chamber: orange for the social chamber, blue for the economic chamber, and green for the environmental chamber.