Protecting FSC’s reputation – mechanisms to address controversial activities

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PowerPoint Presentation – Protecting FSC’s reputation – Workshop

Room: SPB 3

Protecting FSC’s reputation – identifying mechanisms to address the involvement in unacceptable and controversial activities by organizations associated to FSC


This workshop aims to define the scope of controversial activities to be addressed, the tools and mechanisms to be applied and in which cases, and to identify the need for further tools or mechanisms to address any gaps. We will examine the purpose, scope and application of the FSC Policy for Association (PfA), the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and the utility of the Trademark License Agreement to address controversial activities.

FSC will present the most recent work and developments in the portfolio of tools and mechanisms for addressing controversial activities. These developments provide new mechanisms which can be used to address risks associated with controversial activities that fall outside the scope of the PfA. During the workshop QAU would like to assess whether these recent developments – coupled with the existing re-vised portfolio of rules – address satisfactorily and sufficiently the risks for FSC’s reputation of associating with organizations involved in controversial activities.

Objective of the Workshop and desired outcomes

The main objectives of the workshop will be to:


  • Review the currently existing portfolio of rules, procedures and mechanisms available for FSC to take action to protect its reputation;


  • Assess – through a series of practical case studies – whether the existing mechanisms adequately address controversial activities and identify any gaps;


  • Discuss and define – the scope of controversial activities unrelated to forests and forest related activities and the scope of FSC’s sphere of control and impact.


The desired outcome of this workshop is to obtain informed input for the development of a final proposal for presentation to the FSC BoD.


Translation: English/Spanish

Open to all participants


  • Stefan Salvador, Director Quality Assurance Unit at FSC International
  • Salem Jones, Program Manager Dispute Resolution at FSC International
  • Amparo Arellano, Manager Dispute Resolution at FSC International



Event Timeslots (1)

Mon 9 Oct