Infographic “About ASI’s work

Room: SPB 1

This side meeting will inform interested FSC members about ASI’s work and FSC accreditation.

  • Insights into ASI assessment work and data analysis in relation to CAB performance in FSC audits
  • The role of ASI within FSC’s dispute resolution framework (complaint and incident handling)
  • ASI projects with FSC International and national offices
  • ASI transaction verification as part of FSC’s Credibility Interventions Project (case studies: Charcoal and Bamboo supply chains



  1. Matthias Wilnhammer, ASI Program Manager
  2. Angeline Robertson, ASI Dispute Coordinator
  3. Sönke Fischer, ASI Strategy Director
  4. Guntars Lagūns, ASI Managing Director
  5. Michael Conroy, ASI Board member


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Mon 9 Oct