Boreal Forest

Room: SPB 1

The Boreal forest represents a vast and key forest biome within the FSC system. It is where most of the FSC-certified forests are located (Canada, Russia and Scandinavia). There is a critical and strategic imperative to anchor a vision going forward:
• Continued dialogue across chambers to promote awareness and understanding of Boreal issues
• Make the GA more effective by discussing common matters ahead of time
• Promote trust and understanding among all chambers on key issues
• Investigate how the Boreal forest compares to other regions with regard to major issues such as deforestation, risks, social responsibility, respect for Indigenous Peoples and communities.
• Desire to put FSC in a leadership position to demonstrate stewardship of this important ecosystem. We need to promote FSC’s role more prominently.

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Open to all participants


1) Joanna Kerr (Executive Director, Greenpeace Canada)
2) David Flood (aboriginal Chamber Canada)
3) Peter Gardiner (Natural Ressources Manager, Mondi Group)
4) Antti Marjokorpi (Head of Forests, Plantations and Land Use Sustainability, Stora Enso Oyj)

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Tue 10 Oct