Controlled Wood Strategy

Room: Cypress

Since 2016, the controlled wood strategy has been under development. Through regional meetings, global meetings, and online surveys, we have been trying to answer the critical questions around controlled wood: What do we want from FSC Mix in the future? Do we want it at all? Where would we like to be with FSC Mix in the future and how do we get there?

The goal of the controlled wood strategy process is to look beyond what we currently understand about the impacts of controlled wood; to start being proactive in order to elevate FSC in the global market and deliver on desired outcomes shared by all groups of stakeholders.

The controlled wood strategy side event is the next step in this process. The session will first cover an update on the controlled wood strategy process to bring everyone up to speed. Following this, we will hold a “fishbowl” discussion on themes emerging from the recent consultation on the controlled wood strategy discussion paper. The fishbowl will be led by seven experts representing the three FSC governing chambers. The feedback received in the fishbowl will be recorded and ensured that the opinions stated are included in the controlled wood global strategy workshop “Future Search for Controlled Wood” in June 2018.

Translation: English/Spanish/French

Open to all participants


  1. Stewart Begg (Global FIbre Sourcing Sustainability Director, SCA HYGIENE PRODUCTS);
  2. Damian Vilacres (Member of the Social Chamber);
  3. Tammy Coe (Quality Assurance Manager, Rainforest Alliance)
  4. Gweneth Langon (Supply Chain Specialist, Quality Assurance Rainforest Alliance),
  5. Heiko Liedeker (former director General of FSC, Environmental Chamber).

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Tue 10 Oct