Conversion, Conservation and Restoration

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Room: SPB 3

During this session, speakers will present Motion 12 findings regarding the challenges and opportunities facing FSC with regards to conversion and restoration, and seek guidance on the development of a holistic policy regarding conversion and restoration.

We will present the revised Criterion 6.10 and the corresponding indicators, and present a proposal for developing a policy for conversion and corresponding normative documents, in order to holistically address conversion and restoration in FSC going forward.


  1. Lineu Siqueira Jr., Lineu Siqueira Consultoria Ltda, Brazil
  2. Aditya Bayunanda, WWF Indonesia
  3. John Palmer, Faculty of Forestry, UBC, Vancouver
  4. Aisyah Sileuw, Daemeter Indonesia
  5. Grant Rosoman, Greenpeace



  • English
  • Spanish

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Mon 9 Oct