Fashion & FSC: from forest to consumer

Room: SPB 3

Sustainability in the fashion sector is the most crucial, cutting-edge issue facing the industry today. It’s also the clearest path to creating a positive business case. Despite the complexity of the textile sector’s global production networks, issues surrounding traceability and renewable, sustainable sourcing are the daunting challenges that companies cannot ignore any longer.

Given the rapid upswing in the use of tree based cellulose fiber in manufacturing textiles, FSC has recognized the challenges faced by the fashion industry due to the global negative impact on environmental and social values. From the beginning FSC has joined the discussion, eager to be a part of the solution and to find points of collaboration.

Despite the steep learning curve of a new market, FSC is exploring the potential of the fashion sector with its access to new markets and consumers, where natural fibers from well-managed forests will play a key role in a greener economy, in turn contributing to fulfilling on FSC’s Global Strategy 2020.

Join this session for a unique panel discussion between NGOs, industry leaders and FSC experts discussing how traceability can be achieved for the textile industry and what widespread benefits would be gained by this collaborative effort.

Translation: English/Spanish

Open to all participants


1) Amanda Carr, Canopy
2) Cecilia Brannsten, H&M.
3) Till Boldt, ENKA Group.
4) Fiona Wheatley, Marks & Spencer
5) Shelley Zhu, Fulida Group

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Wed 11 Oct