Forest Positive

Room: SPB 1

Healthy and abundant forests are needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and many other ambitious global goals. To ensure this happens, a new approach to forest conservation is needed. The approach, referred to by some as being “forest positive,” is based on companies looking beyond their own supply chains to save forests. The approach recognizes the good work companies are doing to source their materials from FSC-certified forests. But it goes one step further so forest conservation happens at a quicker and greater scale. Apple is a leader in this approach, via a project it has undertaken in China with World Wildlife Fund to conserve working forestland additional to what the company needs in order to produce its packaging and other forest products.In this session, participants will learn about this Apple/WWF project and the forest positive principles WWF is creating so companies producing forest products or other products that have an impact on forests (e.g., palm oil-based products) can incorporate this approach into their work. During the session, participants will have several small group discussions to discuss how to improve the proposed principles and apply them to their work.​

They then will break into small groups to discuss how to improve the proposed principles. They will share their key insights with the full group at the end of the session.

Translation: English/Spanish

Open to all participants


1) Linda Walker, Director of Responsible Forestry and Trade, WWF-US
2) Pengyu Li, Forest Program Officer, WWF-China

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Tue 10 Oct