Local learnings and global transformation

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How do we improve the effectiveness of the FSC normative framework and related processes so that we can meet our overall objective of certifying 20 per cent of the world’s forest-products trade by 2020?

A team of experts at FSC is developing tools that incorporate principles of risk management to identify opportunities to make the normative framework more:

·      stable

·      responsive

·      simple

·      predictable

·      cost-effective and outcome-oriented.

During the first half of 2017, leading up to the 2017 General Assembly, one sub-team is taking a ‘step back’ to observe from a macro or system-wide perspective, while another sub-team is focusing on lessons learned from a micro or on-the-ground perspective.

In this session you will hear proposals made about forest management by our standard development groups and other stakeholders on the ground – i.e. the micro perspective.

Panelists will present and discuss several innovative approaches for streamlining the development of national forest stewardship standards in an effort to make them more outcome-oriented and relevant.

Attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences and evaluate the innovations described during the event. Their contributions will be gathered and will inform the conclusions of this first phase of the work.


  1. Dr David Everard, Sappi / South African SDG
  2. Owen Davies, FSC UK
  3. Andrei Ptichnikov, FSC Russia
  4. Andrew Goldberg, Rainforest Alliance / Appalachian Woodland Alliance
  5. Guillaume Dahringer, FSC France



  • English
  • Spanish

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Mon 9 Oct