FSC: Delivering value from forest to consumer

Room: Cypress
FSC’s Global Strategy calls for a strengthened FSC framework that responds better to our stakeholders’ needs, increases our market value, and transforms the way we work. It marks the start of a new FSC – an FSC that is enhancing our value for members and certificate holders.
In the consumer value creation, FSC’s recent global consumer research – carried out by GlobeScan, in 13 markets – assesses the marketplace for sustainable forest products, certification, and the value of the FSC brand.
Further upstream, FSC looks to better define and deliver exceptional value to license holders, aiming to position itself in relation to their needs, to drive greater adoption and acceptance of responsible forest management. Having a panel of speakers representing differing sectors, NGO organizations and certification bodies, provides a unique opportunity to hear diverse perspectives and ideas as participants discuss the challenges and opportunities of growing forest certification.


Translation: English/Spanish

Open to all participants.


1) Jeremy Harrison, FSC International
2) Eric Whan, GlobeScan
3) Mikhail Tarasov, IKEA
4) Richard Donovan, Rainforest Alliance
5) 3) Karin Kreider, ISEAL
6) Julia Young, WWF UK
7) Estevao do Prado Braga, Suzano Papel e Celulose

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Wed 11 Oct