Revision of the FSC Pesticides Policy

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Room: SPB 2

The Forest Management Program and the Pesticides Policy Working Group will conduct a two hour side meeting about the revision of the FSC Pesticides Policy.

The objectives of this side meeting include:

  • Providing information about the revision process of this normative document (set up of the project, objectives of the revision, time frames, progress made to date, etc.).
  • Engaging stakeholders from the three chambers in the process. This is a unique opportunity for the working group to collectively speak with their stakeholders, encourage lively discussion and receive valuable feedback on topics identified by the working group and by stakeholders as part of the public consultation.

The side meeting will consist of a briefing, questions and answers and a panel discussion with representatives from the working group (we will aim to have one from each chamber) and one hour discussion.

The Forest Program and the Pesticides Policy Working Group is aware of the importance of having effective communication with FSC Members and other interested stakeholders to successfully define the best feasible approach to reduce the use of chemical pesticides in FSC certified forests and plantations and to prevent, minimize and mitigate the related environmental and social impacts.


  1. Maria Melero, FSC International
  2. Colin Maunder, Timberlands Limited
  3. Jonas Salvador, Duratex Florestal Ltda
  4. Rina Guadagnini, Pesticide Action Network UK
  5. Robinson Pitelli, São Paulo State University
  6. Wade Cachagee, Cree-Tech Inc.,
  7. Doralice Ortiz, Corporación Aldea Global



  • English
  • Spanish

Event Timeslots (1)

Mon 9 Oct