Linking FSC to the Sustainable Development Goals – an opportunity for the Business sector

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Room: SPB 1

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the UN in 2015, are expected to form the main agenda to promote sustainable development globally til 2030.

FSC contributes to the implementation of these SDGs in different ways (see

The event is an opportunity to discuss the potential of FSC instruments to support the SDGs, and on how this can become part of the communication of FSC-certified companies.

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Open to all participants


1. Introduction: John Hontelez, Chief Advocacy Officer FSC
2. Keynote
Matthew Reddy, Director, Forest Solutions Group, WBCSD:
How SDGs reset the business agenda for sustainable development
3. Panel
Working with FSC on SDG implementation
a) Udo Felten, Manager Product Related Global Environmental Sustainability & Affairs, SIG International Services GmbH
b) Engrit Liaw, Director of STIEU Malaysia
c) Mondi (tbc)
d) WWF (tbc)
4. Concluding statement
Kim Carstensen, Director General, FSC:
FSC’s commitment to the SDGs

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Wed 11 Oct