Women in forest business

Room: SPB 3

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The dynamics of today’s business environment has changed, particularly because women business leaders play an important role in making the transition away from business as usual.

Not only are they leading in managerial roles but also assuming personal responsibility for tackling issues concerning gender equality, poverty eradication, children’s rights, education, sustainability and climate change. For women to lead the way in these areas, they have to be capable of holding positions of power and influence in the business world.
Recently, the management style of women-owned business has caught the international attention. Studies and articles have detailed the culture of these firms, which tend to be family-friendly, allow flexi-time schedules and place a focus on health and wellness initiatives. Women have long struggled with how to maintain a work-life balance, so it’s no surprise that they would run companies with these types of issues in mind and resolve them for employees.
In a world where women care about different things (care for children, rights, poverty eradication and environment), it may be that when women have more influence, they drive institutional investments in a way that favors children, the environment and sustainable development. So, when women have more rights in the political arena, the nature of public investments also changes.
This will be the first event that focuses on female entrepreneurship as a fundamental element to contribute to fulfilling the objectives of FSC. Through a collective conversation, we will highlight the experiences of women who are making a significant change to society and nature from different perspectives.

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Tue 10 Oct