Create a more sustainable future. Support the Vancouver Declaration

Businesses that use the world’s resources have a duty to ensure they’re responsibly sourced and cared for. Because of this, and as part of our joint dedication to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, FSC is proud to introduce the Vancouver Declaration.

What is the Vancouver Declaration?

It’s a public promise made by businesses across the globe to work towards more sustainable sourcing of forest products. It’s also an endorsement of FSC as your supplier of choice for certification of forest products.

Why should you support the Vancouver Declaration?

  • It cements your reputation as a forward-thinking, responsible business
  • Demand for sustainable products is only going to grow as awareness of climate change and deforestation does
  • You’ll be shoulder to shoulder with respected partners like Ikea, Carillion, Oji Nepia and H&M
  • It shows the supply side of the market we need them to back our commitment to sustainability goals

Show your support and make a difference

Whatever part of the industry you work in, you can show your support promising to uphold the principles of this declaration. In doing so, you’ll guarantee a brighter future for the planet and its people. You can learn more and take part on our dedicated website.

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