Motions are proposals for new work areas or improvements to the FSC system. They cover various aspects from how FSC operates to how to improve the market demand for FSC products.

If your motions are voted on favourably at the general assembly, they will determine FSC’s future priorities.


There are two types of motions:

  1. Statutory Motions: are proposed motions to amend the Statutes or Principles & Criteria. The proposed amendment shall first set forth the current language from the applicable document, and then set forth the proposed new language; additions or deletions must clearly identify the specific title, section and paragraph to be amended. Statutory Motions approved by the general assembly will become valid and legally binding at the close of the general assembly, subject to legal confirmation.
  2. Policy Motions: are proposed motions to change FSC policies or operational procedures, including those related to achieving its mission and purpose. Policy motions approved by the general assembly have the status of “initiatives” (FSC Statutes, Title Two Members, Clause Thirteenth, Paragraph 3); meaning that they are recommendations or advice to the FSC Board of Directors. The FSC Board of Directors will inform members about the next steps to respond to these initiatives.

For the first time you can submit a motion online.

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