Cannot Attend the FSC General Assembly 2017?

Members who cannot attend the FSC General Assembly 2017 may designate another member as representative to vote on their behalf.


Please be aware that according to the new FSC statutes only FSC members or the designated representative of organizational members who are attending the FSC General Assembly can represent other members. Each member can only represent: a maximum of five organizational members – that could be part of any of the three chambers, and an unlimited number of individual members – who could be part of any of the three chambers. Please check the list of registered attendees under the “members’ resources” section to find a representative.

Members who want to designate a representative have to provide a written statement attested by two witnesses. This could benefit those members who cannot attend the FSC General Assembly 2017 because of other commitments and/or budget constraints.

To appoint a proxy, please complete the application form and email it to

If the representative designated by an organizational member cannot attend the general assembly, another individual can represent the member as long as he/she has been given the necessary authority and faculties to do so. The authorization must be given in accordance with the legislation of the country where the members is based and with the corporate documents of the member.

If you want to send another representative to the FSC General Assembly 2017, please notify FSC AC secretariat as soon as possible, providing the name of the alternative representative. This is very important as the secretariat needs to make the necessary administrative arrangements in order for the vote of the member to be correctly registered in our voting systems.