FSC 2.0

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FSC is on a mission to fundamentally change the way forests around the globe are seen and managed. We want the true value of forests to be recognized and fully incorporated into society worldwide. And we need to get there fast in order to be able to shift the global forest trend towards sustainable use, conservation, restoration and respect for all.

To be able to reach this goal we must ensure three things: First of all, we must ensure that our standards are focused on outcomes and respond to the needs of the users of our system. They must be data driven, risk- based and simple. Second, we must also ensure that our system is credible and trustworthy. We must limit fraud with our trademarks and implement effective means to address false claims. Third, we must ensure that we have uncomplicated and user-friendly tools to aid our stakeholders in both labelling, verification and tracking products from forest to shelf.

This is why we are building FSC 2.0. We want to transition FSC from a paper based system built on trust to a data driven system, where risk is used to simplify and streamline our standards and practices. To achieve this we look to new technologies such as earth observation, wood identification technologies, digital tracking, forge-proof identification and authentication methods, and field-level monitoring (e.g. UAV- and smartphone-based technologies).

We need the help of our stakeholders to develop the IT systems and risk methodologies we require. We will build on our shared experiences and efforts in technology and implement a parallel system that can be fully tested and embraced by stakeholders. We seek the knowledge and experience from our members to help us move in this direction to achieve the ambitious goals we set for ourselves and for the forests of the world.


  1. Anand Punja: FSC European Regional Director,
  2. Loa Worm: FSC Denmark Director,
  3. Peter Feilberg: NEPCon Executive Director


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Mon 9 Oct