FSC as a tool for creating climate change benefits

Room: SPB 2

Despite FSC’s leading global reputation as a guarantor of sustainability within timber markets, the value of FSC as a tool for creating climate benefits in both production and conservation forests has until now not been sufficiently acknowledged or harnessed within the global climate movement. This is largely due to a lack of clear and accessible information describing FSC’s role in creating climate benefits and a lack of credible studies that assess FSC’s impacts.

FSC convened a “Climate Benefits Task Force” of experts in 2017 that advised FSC on how to measure and communicate FSC’s positive climate impacts in order to better promote FSC as an effective climate mitigation tool.
At this event, FSC and its partners will present the recommendations of the task force and engage the membership in a discussion of how strengthened engagement can benefit the climate and support achievement of the FSC Global Strategic Plan.


Translations: English/Spanish

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Tue 10 Oct